Overseeing the Spiritual Needs of the Church: Our Pastors/Elders

The pastors/elders of ECF oversee the spiritual affairs of our congregation, including:

  • Providing for the teaching and preaching of the Word
  • Praying for the flock
  • Administering the ordinances of baptism and communion
  • Advising on all policies and practices of the church
  • Considering all disciplinary matters of the church
  • Overseeing the individual boards and committees of the church
  • Leading the music ministry of the church
Our pastors/elders are:
  • Rev. Reid A. Ferguson, full-time Senior Pastor and primary preaching Pastor/Teacher
  • Jim Luckey, full-time Associate Pastor
  • Rev. Ken Beaton
  • Scott Ferguson
  • Dr. Brian Smith
  • Ed Trefzger
  • Ben Zwickl

To learn more about them you’re invited to meet our pastors.

To email our pastors/elders: elders@ecfnet.org

38 East Church Street, Fairport, NY 14450 • (585) 223-0229 • office@ecfnet.org

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